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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 16, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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stop or an arrest. >> i feel so glad. because i do marijuana. >> for people like tieesha the may adjust mean a fine of some sort. >> not wasting time, not wasting money. >> not excited are police officers. >> a convuluded mess. it's going to be difficult to enforce. >> police will pass out cards like this to explain what the law means. but essentially a $25 fine and confiscation of the pot. but police can't use the mere odor of the stuff as a reason to approach you. >> there's so much confusion about what we can and can't do. >> police can still arrest for using in pub public places like sidewalks or cars. >> and some suspect nothing is going to change. >> people get locked up for marijuana. >> are they going to abide by the law and write the ticket? or are they going to lock you
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up. >> some republicans in congress are trying to get d.c.'s law overturned, and if they succeed, along d.c.'s border in maryland, which adopted a similar law, marijuana use can be a ticket offense on one side of the street and a jail offense on the other. tieesha told us she can't spoke because she's on probation. >> republicans say they have pushed this law -- they say they have pushed the law because young black males have been locked up for marijuana possession. but if they -- if people keep smoking in cars and public places, potentially nothing will change. >> sam ford abc~7 news. >> and getting caught with small amount of marijuana in maryland will soon be met with a fine instead of an arrest. starting october 1, a new law, anyone caught with less than 10 grams of marijuana will be given
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a citation. people caught smoking marijuana and those found with paraphernalia, would still face criminal charges. >> as sam ford mentioned the d.c. decriminalization law may go up in smoke. the house votes on a spending bill which includes an amendment blocking the decriminalization. another amendment strips way d.c.'s gun control laws. whether it takes effect depends on budget negotiations between the house, the senate and the white house. >> breaking news on the crisis in ukraine. minutes ago president obama spoke about new sanctions in russia aimed at quelling the violence in eastern ukraine. >> they must halt the flow of fighters over the border into ukraine. but russia must urge separatists to release their hostages and support a cease-fire. they need to pursuing meaningful talks and agree to monitoring on
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the border. >> today's sanctions target major russian energy and defense firms as well as major banks. the penalties significantly expand on previous u.s. u.s. sanctions which hit u.s. companies with the freezing of assets. the european union announced similar actions against russia after the president's announcement. >> russia to do a temporary cease-fire, after four children were killed in an intensified bombing campaign. >> calling it a humanitarian pause, the israeli military gave a five-hour cease-fire allowing them to stock provides, provided hamas and other militants don't lof attacks oof their -- launch attacks of their own. israeli planes and war ships launched attacks after
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palestinians rejected an earlier cease-fire proposal. the death toll has surpassed 200, including four boys killed while playing on a beach near gaza city. victims of the violence, another 1400 have been wounded. they say this will continue to ease israel's prime minister says the long-term goal would be to demilitarize gaza. >> they have to take the actions to defend its citizens as any normal country would against terrorists. >> secretary of state john kerry was at the white house to meet with the president and the vice president about the crisis. >> a legitimate cease-fire and see if we can find a way to stop conflict. >> egypt unsuccessfully broke a
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cease-fire. we'll see if this humanitarian pause or temporary cease-fire holds. kris van cleave, abc~7 news. >> thank you, chris. just days after going back to duty, army sergeant bowe bergdahl has hired a lawyer to represent him. bergdahl was released six weeks ago by the taliban following five years in captivity. the army is investigating why bergdahl left his post in afghanistan. this morning his attorney talked exclusively to cnn's "new day" about bergdahl's experience. >> he's gone through an extraordinary ordeal, unimaginable. the mind boggles when you think of spending five years in the hands of the taliban. >> for now he's been assigned a desk job at fort sam houston in texas. >> a challenge to the supreme court's recent hobby lobby ruling defeated. they
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last month the supreme court ruled that such businesses could deny coverage for birth control under the affordable care act. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 the prison sentence for a woman accused of mailing ricin to the white house. >> also a sinkhole is causing traffic problems for area drivers and when the roadway will reopen. >> and gordon, we've heard about the crisis on the border with children. hear from a maryland woman who went through a similar journey as a teenager, except this happened back in the '60's. we'll tell you how our government helped relocate those kids. >> 68 degrees outside the belfort furniture weather center. i'm doug hill i have a clear and chilly, yes, chilly forecast for
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>> maryland's governor martin o'malley says those who cross the border should be treated as refugees, not criminals. this comes a day after o'malley fought the plans to house some children at the army reserve center in carroll county. o'malley now says the united states has an obligation to help these kids. >> we are americans and we do not return refugee kids who find themselves on our doorstep, back into war-torn or famine-racked places where they will face
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certain detective. >> o'malley -- death. >> o'malley says he would rather see the children placed in settings like foster homes instead of large facilities. >> this is not the first time our country has dealt with an influx of migerant children. >> in the -- migrant children. >> in the midst of the cold war in cuba, thousands of children sought refuge on our shores. hatzel vela is with us. you discovered a woman who came to our country without her parents? >> that's right. she lives in annapolis but clearly remembers what it was like to leave cuba without her parents. >> black and white pictures tell a story. for her, it's hard to believe it's been more than five decades. >> i've been here since december 15, 1961. >> she remembers when it was her 15th birthday when young latin american women are supposed to be celebrating their coming of
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age. >> i didn't have that. i was on a plane coming to a different country with a strange language. >> she was one of 14,000 young cuban people who arrived in the u.s. part of what is known as a joint effort between the american government and the catholic church. >> i am that very clearly and it was very tough. >> parents, she says, were sending their children 12-18 abroad because they were concerned the presential lights would be taken by the castro government. after a brief stay in miami, she went to live with the allstead family in evansville indiana. >> coming to a country. help me. >> looking back she's grateful for the sacrifice her parents the allsteads made. >> she thinks about the children's crossing the border. >> week away from their parents -- being away from their
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parents and not knowing the language, i can relate to that. >> she hopes there's some solution for these children. >> her parents finally joined her six years after she left cuba in the late '60's. she settled in the washington area. for a long time she worked for montgomery county and has now retired in edgewater. >> next on abc~ 7 news at 6:00, an act of revenge, the woman who mailed ricin to the president in an attempt to get her husband arrested. >> after days of stormy weather, picture-perfect weather. doug hill is back with how long the nice temperatures will stick around. >> wait until you hear what joe theseman says about the 2014 redskins. the third major of the year gets underway in a matter of hours as the third major of the year gets underway in a matter of hours as abc~ 7 n[ horns honking ]nues.
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obama and also to new york's former mayor michael bloomberg. cheryl richardson pleaded guilty in november to charges of producing a biological toxin. they arrived at the white house and the antigun advocacy group in may last year. they say she sent it in an attempt to get vengeance against her estranged husband. >> a police officer injured after a police change that's now the morning rush. the officer was injured after a suv left the staging area in fort immediate. police say the driver, darnell hawkins ,jr. nearly hit a barricade after driving the wrong why an the baltimore-washington parkway. at one point southbound lanes of the b.w. parkway were backed up six miles as police investigated. >> another traffic warning
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tonight. if you're driving through southeast washington crews have shut down the 3,000 block of stanton road to repair a water main break blamed for causing a sinkhole. d.c. water tells us it hopes to restore water to people living near the road within the hour, and it will take a few more hours to repair the damage and get the roadway reopened. >> we have plenty of water around here. >> we're good for a while. we can go a few days and not worry about that. a delightful change to the weather after big storms. let's get started. plenty of good weather news to share. first a time lapse from our h.d. weather camera at river bend golf and country club in great falls. there was thin enough cloud cover today that the sun was able to shine through. three big differences, no storms today, cooler temperatures, lower humidity levels. a delightful pattern. and look at the latest shot out there+/l now. it is absolutely beautiful and the clouds will thin out this evening and we'll have clear
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skies and cool temperatures. manassas had about 1.79 inches, gaithersburg, 1.64 inches of rain. when we should be in the 80's on this day in july, only mid to upper 70's. very nice. on the board, 82. that was it for the high. the record high 104 for this date. at least the next seven days we'll be in the 80's for highs, so that's good news as well. current temperatures, 70's, a few 80's poppling up. 8 -- popping up. 81 at reagan national. everybody else in the 70's. and the air is dry making it comfortably cool. 55 degrees overnight in out lying areas. clear and cool as well. other temperatures holding in the 60's and 70s. yeah, 60's in detroit right now.
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indiana, 72. cool air all over the east coast. even south, atlanta, 82 right now. very dry air. we measure the dryness of the air through the dew point temperatures and on a sunny day in summertime, that dew point in the 50's and 40's, that doesn't happen often. this is a rare events for us, and the area of high pressure is enormous from southern canada to the southern plains. as it moves off the east coast saturday morning we'll see more moisture and more humidity. so no extreme heat anytime soon. the whole thing migrates off to the east, plenty of sunshine for tomorrow and friday. low 80s and humidity levels down and friday night that shifts to the east and over the weekend it becomes a bit more humid, but certainly a nice weekend ahead. an average temperature of 63 in the beltway. 50's outside the beltway. ditto for friday. more humidity saturday and
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sunday. partly-cloudy skies with a chance of showers. next rain chance doesn't come until sunday afternoon. >> a little early for football, isn't it? >> let's go. it's time. here comes football. the redskins report to camp one week from today. with a new head coach, a healthy rg3. jay gruden will arrive with a more confident robert griffin ii the year. desean jackson and jason hatcher are both bigtime. so it looks like the offense will be quicker and the defense should be meaner. today we asked joe theismann his thoughts on the 2014 redskins. >> i think there's cautious optimism. i am excited for this football team. i can tell you the climate, the atmosphere are entirely different than they've been in the past, the last four years. it seems like a very relaxed
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group. the guys they have brought in fit in very well. it will be one where the coach has an offensive mind. he played the position of quarterback and sees the game through the quarterback's eyes. that's always important so the quarterback and the play caller are on the same page. >> joe looks like he's ready to play with the lime shirt and colored hair. >> the wizards, while they lost to recent booker, they added paul pierce and kris humphries and they're close to completing a deal with the mavericks forbly. he's a banger. 6'7" with a thick body and a chip on his shoulder. he's got a mean streak in in him. he's not a superstar, but he will give you 15 minutes, 6 rebounds and 7 points a game. >> and for golf fans the open championship tees off tin about seven hours from now in northwest england. and tiger tees off at 4:04 a.m. eastern standard time. roy mcllroy and justin rose are
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the favorites. while 44-year-old phil mickelson is the defending champion he's not had a top ten finish yet this year. phil was asked, now he's won the open is he still motivated with the pressure off. >> it motivates me to practice harder and even more. there's a finite amount of time and when i look back on my life and i look at the highlights of last year's tournament and it brings out the same emotions. >> for baseball fans, tyler clippard faced two batters last night in the all-star game, two outs with two fly balls. the story of the game was derek jeter in his final all-star game. he made a great play at short. 2-2 with a double. adam wainwright, grooved a couple for jeeter. >> that's finer, please tell everyone else to continue to groove one.
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adam is a wonderful picture. i have utmost respect for him. he's just trying to throw hastrike. >> the washington kastles play the texas wild tonight at the smith center. significant in the fact that venus williams is playing for the castles as they try to rebound from their first loss in 19 games. >> vladimir putin gave a mercedes to every member of the team who won the world championship in may and did the same with the olympics gold medalists. >>
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>> you can take the day off tomorrow. >> really? >> i'll be here, it was a nice thought though. sunshine in the morning. 55-65 when you wake up. low humid and low to mid 80's tomorrow, same story friday. the weekend will be a bit more humid, but rain, partly cloudy, steve will be hear at 11:00 give you the -- to give you the latest. >> abc world news coming up next. >> join us at 11:00. have a good night.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, the children caught in the crossfire. the video of the boys on the beach running for their lives caught in a huge explosion. the fighting between israel and hamas, our team right there hearing the explosion, and the president just weighing in. the breaking new details an american p.o.w. rescued from the taliban, sergeant bowe bergdahl, his first message to the president tonight and to the american people. severe weather hitting tonight, the little girl wiped away, carried nearly a mile through a storm drain, how she survived. and the flash flood. this was the scene within minutes. ginger zee on where this hits next. and the mid air emergency, the turbulence, the cracked ceiling where their heads hit.


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